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All the info you need about the offers on legitimate freebie sites!

What is an "offer"?

An offer is a product or service from an company affiliated with the freebie site. By signing up for an offer, you are providing the income the freebie site needs to give you your free gift. Offers are usually free trials of products or services.

Why do i need to complete an offer for my freebie?

Nothing in life is really "free", is it? Well, yes and no. In order for the Freebie Site to give you your Free iPod, Free PS3, or other prize, they need to be making money. They do this by directing new customers (ie. you) to their affiliates - the Offer Companies. When you sign up for a free trial of a product or service, the Offer Company gets a new potential customer - and they are willing to pay for that! The Offer Company will pay the Freebie Site about $40-$50 for each person that the Freebie Site sends their way.

What kind of offers are available?

There is a very wide range of offers available, everything from renting DVDs from to sponsoring a third world child for Children International to trying free samples of cosmetics. Most offers are from well-known companies, and the offers are usually great discounts which give you a chance to try out something new!

Do I need a credit card?

Most offers require a credit card, but there are some which do not. Check the list of offers to see what the requirements are. We have a page specifically about freebie sites which do not require a credit card: No Credit Card Freebies

How does the freebie site know i did an offer?

Almost all offers will automatically credit to your account at the Freebie Site, so you won't have to do anything at all. Once in a while you may need to request manual credit, which just means you will tell the Freebie Site that you have completed the offer requirements, and they will add the credit to your account. Simply follow the intructions on the Freebie Site to submit a manual credit request.

Tips for making sure you get credit for doing an offer :

  • Make sure you choose an offer you have never done before.
  • Use Internet Explorer for any offer signups.
  • Clear your cookies before doing the offer.
  • Make sure you do the offer by clicking from the Freebie Site.
  • Save any confirmation emails you receive from the Offer Company.

What are the best offers?

You should always pick an offer which you are genuinely interested in. Take a look through the available offers and choose the one which appeals to you the most. You are likely to find some great new products and services this way! The best offer is always the one you like the most!

Can i do an offer more than once?

You can NEVER do the same offer more than once, even for different freebie sites. This is considered fraud! Freebie sites are constantly adding new cool offers so you won't have trouble finding one you like that you haven't dont before.

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