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How "Free Ipod" Freebie Sites Work

The economics behind freebie sites - how they can afford to give you a Free iPod and still make a profit.

How do i get something for free?

Almost all freebie sites work the same way :

  • Create an account at the Freebie Site 
  • Try an advertiser's offer.
  • Refer a certain number of people to sign up using your "referral link".
  • Get your freebie in the mail!

Where do freebie sites get the money to pay for the freebies?

Freebie Companies get PAID by advertisers to direct new customers to their offers. Every person who signs for a freebie must complete an "Offer" - and the companies who provide the offers will pay the Freebie Site for referring new customers. The average amount that an Advertising Offer will pay for a signup is $40-$50. Remember, advertising is expensive, and if the Offer Company can get a new customer out of the deal, it is worth it! Find out more about Offer Companies on our Offers Page

How freebie sites can afford to give away great freebies

  • You register an account at the Freebie Site.
  • You and your referrals try some Offers.
  • The Offer Companies pay the Freebie Site for the signups from you and your referrals.
  • The Freebie Site sends you your freebie!

How do freebie sites make a profit?

The Offer Companies pay about $40-$50 to the Freebie Site per signup. You'll notice that we mentioned referrals. To get your freebie, you will need to get some people to sign up using your "referral link". This is a special web link which will allow people to sign up for the same freebie as you - and you will receive a credit for each person who signs up using your link and does an offer! Once you have the required number of people signed up, you will get your freebie. If everyone who signed up for the Freebie Site completed all the requirements (tried an offer and referred enough people), then the Freebie Site would break even and wouldn't make a profit. So how are they making money?

The Freebie Site makes money when they don't have to give a freebie to someone who signs up. This can happen for a few different reasons :

  • Someone signs up and does an offer, then forgets about the site.
  • Someone signs up and cannot get enough referrals.
  • Someone signs up and breaks the rules.

How do i get referrals?

There are a lot of different ways to get referrals. The easiest way is to ask your friends to sign up, but if they aren't interested, you can still get your freebie. Check out our Guide to Getting Referrals

Breaking the rules

There are some simple rules to follow when doing freebie sites.

  • Read the Terms and Conditions for any Freebie Sites and Offers you sign up for.
  • Only one account is allowed per Freebie Site per household.
  • You can NEVER do the same offer twice, even for different freebie sites.
  • You must use your real information when signing up for freebies and offers.
  • Don't spam! Don't post your referral link where it is not allowed.

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